Lombok Indonesia :Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island

All that can be found in Bali can also be found on the island of Lombok Indonesia. But not vice versa. Situated immediately east of Bali, Lombok is island whose territory and culture are closely intertwined with those of its illustrious neighbor.


Lombok lies on the road to ancient trade routes between Europe, India and China. Since ancient times, people’s life in Lombok has been influenced by various cultures. But today, the island, heir to a rich cultural past, is a residue of the indigenous traditions of the Sasak people, seasoned with Hindu, Arab and European Balinese influences.

Lombok Vs. Bali

Lombok is quite different from Bali: the climate is drier and the land is rougher. Its 1.6 million inhabitants (only half of its more famous neighbor) are mostly Muslims.

Before the 17th century, not many people know Lombok. But today, the tropical paradise is known among tourists as the “unspoiled Bali”. Separated from Bali by a strait, Lombok attracts travelers with dense forests, white sand beaches, world-class surf, waterfalls, and hiking trails through the rice and tobacco fields.


Like Bali, Lombok is dominated by a high chain of volcanic mountains to the north. In the center is Mount Rinjani, 3,800 meters, the second highest peak in Indonesia. You can join the often-scheduled two-day trek guided by adventurous locals. Once you reach the top, you’ll be treated with views of the natural hot springs and crater lakes. There is another non-sterile volcanic chain through the south of the island corresponding to the Bukit Peninsula, south of Bali sector.

The western area of ​​the plain is very similar to that of Bali, which faces through the narrow that is well fed by mountain streams and springs. Here the Balinese and “Sasaks” have carved beautiful rice paddies at the foot of Mount Punikan. Here are the two main towns of the island, Mataram and Ampenan, near the old center and port Cakranegara. The solitary mountain huts and the spectacular southern beaches are only an hour away.

Senggigi and the Gili islands

To practice the best diving in the world, surf and enjoy the beaches, visitors from across the continent are heading to the east coast of Lombok. The idyllic white beaches and colorful coral reefs of Senggigi and the Gili islands attract thousands of tourists every year.

The southern coast, bathed in secluded beaches and near the town of Kuta (not to be confused with the town of Kuta in Bali), is perfect for surfing, thanks to some of the best waves in the world.

On the southeast peninsula of Lombok Indonesia, the weather is splendid and the beaches  are pristine. The land, crops of coffee, coconut and sugar plants offer interesting tours. At sea, divers can find rare species of giant clams, sharks, turtles, stingrays, and cow with blue spots stripes adorning the warm coast.

The Gili Islands are located off the east coast of Lombok, Indonesia. These small islands surrounded by beaches provide an excellent vacation destination for adventure hungry tourists. Young people spend their days on the beach and their nights in clubs. Due to the small number of hotels on the islands, many visitors simply sleep on beaches.

In tribal mountain villages (the Waktu-telu) such as Pujung and Sengkol in South Central Lombok, is another type of traditional village. There are tiled huts supported by wooden beams with wide stripes branches of bamboo trees and interwoven to form walls and partitions.

In ​​Senggigi area, where you can find most hotels and villas, the beaches have black sand and are fairly calm. Most hotels and villas have waterfront area with sun loungers and parasols so you do not miss anything.


The capital and main city of Lombok Indonesia is quiet, green and very animated at night with many people enjoying seafood at fish stalls. The winding road from Mataram to Senaru through Sengigi is a pleasure with its salty marine environment and blinding light passing between palm trees on the beach with deep blue coasts. Sipping a coconut drink in a little bar settled on a cliff in a bend of the road while watching an idyllic sunset is one of the things that you wouldn’t want to miss.


Can you imagine being in a mountain village at the foot of a high volcano, and having views of stretching rice fields that go down to the sea? Well that’s the charm of Senaru. In addition to a most impressive site, Senaru has several huge waterfalls that can be visited on foot from the village. One of the waterfalls can be reached by crossing a river, and it is really worth the effort because it offers a breathtaking scene. The huge force of water washes into fine droplets to visitors who are torn between taking the pictures with the camera or keeping themselves safe from the drops.


Other than the natural charms of the island, travelers can also enjoy food and festivities in Lombok Indonesia. The word Lombok itself means chilli in English. So it is not surprising that the locals know a thing or two about the spicy food. Green and red chilis are often made into sambal – a fiery sauce – with locally grown dragon Jolokia peppers, garlic and shrimp paste. Always have sambal when savoring local dishes like Ayam Taliwang (wild grilled chicken) and sayur nangka (jackfruit curry).

Getting to Lombok

To get to Lombok Indonesia, flights from Europe often land at the airport in Jakarta, Java; Denpasar, Bali (especially if the source is London) and in Singapore. The flight from Bali takes about 25 minutes; from Jakarta, two hours; and from Singapore, two and a half hours. You can also reach Lombok from Bali by a ferry service.

With an amazing, simple and real beauty, Lombok Indonesia is a quieter, stylish and more affordable alternative to neighboring Bali. Pick one of the luxury villas with private pool, and reward yourself with a peaceful vacation retreat.

Lombok Indonesia Island Pictures

Lombok Indonesia Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia

Lombok Indonesia Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia

Lombok Indonesia Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia3

Lombok Indonesia Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia3

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia4

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia4

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia5

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia5

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia6

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia6

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia7

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia7

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia8

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia8

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia9

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia9

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia10

Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island in Indonesia10

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Lombok Indonesia :Revealing The Charms of Lombok Island

Raja Ampat Indonesia The Ultimate Beauty

The Ultimate Beauty of Raja Ampat Indonesia

There are various great reasons which make people should choose Indonesia for their travel destination. The very first crucial aspect which makes them should choose this country is because it is located under the equator . It means that they will be able to enjoy the tropical environment all around the country. The next thing is that this country is an archipelago with thousands islands spread all around the country. It can mean that people will be able to find the diversity of culture and people.


They will also be able to find the diversity in the nature view in Indonesia. Since it is archipelago which is located in the tropical area, of course.  It means that there will be so many attractions associated with the sea as well as underwater world. This country has many places which can offer great underwater view and the latest hits must be Raja Ampat Indonesia . Which is part of West Papua province of Indonesia. If people love to see the beautiful view above and under the water, there is no question that Raja Ampat can be one of the best destinations which they should choose. It is better to know more about this place before they plan for raja ampat Indonesia trip.

Raja Ampat Indonesia Overview

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Indonesia Beauty Beyond Imagination

Raja Ampat can be the lost paradise which people are looking for because this place is all about the breathtaking beauty which people have never seen before in other places of the world. Before people can learn further about the attractions which make this location gets more and more popular time after time, it is better for people to know about the term ‘Raja Ampat’. This term means ‘four kings’. The four kings come from the local myth which can be represented from the four big islands in this place. The major islands in Raja Ampat include Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool.


People can find ancient rock paintings in Misool which becomes another great interest which people must not miss when they visit raja ampat Indonesia. Nevertheless, there are many underwater tourism lovers who come to Raja Ampat with the major reason for enjoying the best underwater beauty which is amazing. The underwater beauty surely is not the only attraction which people can find from this place because they can also enjoy the beautiful view above the water with the combination of blue sea water and the green coral reef islands with teeth like shape.


There is no way people want to miss the opportunity for taking the picture of this place. Besides the beauty of nature, people can also enjoy the beauty of culture which is still very thick in Raja Ampat. They can try to get in touch with the local tour guide who becomes the fisher when their guiding service is not used. The hospitality and the smile of local people surely can bring the warmth during the trip in raja ampat Indonesia. People can try to give sweets to the local people to get in touch further with them and their culture as well as hospitality.

Raja Ampat Indonesia Underwater Beauty

It is sure that people will get amazed when they jump into the water because they will see the view which is like a dream. However, they can be ensured that it is not illusion at all. They can pay attention to every detail of underwater creature which can be found during the dive. It is possible that they can get the warm welcoming from the small underwater creature such as pigmy seahorse.

Raja Ampat Under Water View

Beauty of Under water Raja Ampat

This experience can touch their heart for sure but it is not only small underwater creature which can be found in this place. They can dive with the giant manta ray if they are lucky. It must be unforgettable experience which people should try when they visit raja ampat Indonesia. They can also swim with wobbegong. Other types of underwater creature can also be found in this place including tuna, snapper, barracuda, as well as giant trevallies.



If people are lucky enough, they can also meet the sea turtle. This kind of underwater beauty cannot be separated from the local wisdom which forbids any kind of commercial fishery in this area so people from all around the world can enjoy the beauty of the tropical sea with the richest diversity in the world today.

Getting  Around Raja Ampat Indonesia

If people choose raja ampat Indonesia as their travel destination, it is sure that diving becomes the main activity which they will look for. Divers can join the tourism tour package and stay in the diving resort during their visit to Raja Ampat. There are various kinds of tour package which people can choose but if people want to get the different experience during their visit to Raja Ampat, they should consider about taking the live aboard tour in Raja Ampat.


This tour package option will make people use the boat not only as transportation support for delivering them to various diving and beautiful spots in Raja Ampat but it will also be used as the place to stay. The boat will be completed with the facility which can ensure the comfort during the live aboard of course. They will be able to enjoy the tight sleep in comfortable rooms and they will also enjoy the delicious menu served by the live aboard operators.


The biggest advantage which people can get when taking the live aboard tour in Raja Ampat is that they will be able to use their time efficiently so there will be more diving spots and beautiful place above the water which can be explored. The underwater world which is filled with beautiful view is not the only natural attraction which people can find in Raja Ampat because it is also the habitat for various kinds of wildlife including the gorgeous bird of paradise with various species. They can also try to trek around the islands for discovering the hidden beauty such as the ancient cave as well as the waterfall which can enhance the experience during their visit in Raja Ampat.

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How to Get from Bali to Lombok: Public Ferry for On Budget Holiday

Knowing how to get from bali to lombok is one of the most important things for your perfect beach holiday in Indonesia. Most people just visit Bali or Lombok at one time. They miss so much fun and the beast beach in Indonesia. You cannot do the same way, let’s visit Bali and Lombok in your next holiday.

How about the budget problem? Don’t worry, there are several tips and tricks to get you on perfect holiday in Bali and Lombok with limited budget ever.

Considering public ferry to reach Lombok

There are several options for you to go to Lombok from Bali. You can fly, you can visit Lombok with boat or even you can rent a boat or ship to sail the ocean in private. But, if you need to plan the holiday on budget, it is very suggested for you to consider the public ferry. The public ferry will leave Bali for Lombok from the Padang Bay Harbor in East Bali to Lembar Harbor in Southwest Lombok. The schedule is quite helpful. The ferry service is available for 24 hours everyday and you can always purchase the ticket on the spot. The ticket price is quite cheap it is only Rp 40,000.- for adult and Rp 25,000.- for kids.

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Gili Air Island Lombok Indonesia Must Visit Place

Gili Air Island Lombok Indonesia is kind of the popular tourist destination in nowadays. In general speaking, Indonesia has plenty of interesting places which always success to attract the visitors. And Gili Air is one of them. This island is located around the Lombok Island. So, if you have a plan to get trip or holiday to the Lombok anytime soon, just do not forget to include the Gili islands in your plan. You will not disappoint about what you see because this place will give different experience which is very attractive yet unforgettable.
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Where to stay in Lombok Island ?

Where to stay in Lombok might be a most frequent question asked by people, tourist, whether they come from foreign or domestic. Even though it is in Indonesia, most of Indonesians still do not know what to do and where to visit when they arrive at Lombok. The foreign tourist will mostly know about great heaven on earth better. Well, in this article I am going to write about Lombok and the reason of why this island is so famous. Are you a traveling addict? You better check this article. It is not for the traveler only. If you like to have real estate investment, it could be something that you want to know. Read this article till the last word will be nice and helpful. Check this out.
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Gili Island Indonesia The Place You Should Go To!

If you have not heard of gili island Indonesia, then you have not definitely explored the world. Exploring the world, going abroad, and using your vacation time for getting to know different places are some interesting things that you can do in your life. If you are one of those people who love travelling, then you must have gone through these activities before. In fact, these activities are good for your physical and psychological health. That is why, it is important that you try it once in your life. One place that you can try to explore the beauty of the world is simply by going to Gili island. If you think that your Bali island is beautiful, then you will definitely love Gili Island. According to some tourism websites, beaches and natural beauty of the Gili island is way more beautiful than what you witness sin Bali island. In order to help you out to know more about this island, here is some explanation that you might need to know. Take a look!
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Gili Trawangan,Having Holiday,Are You interested?

Have you ever heard of the word Gili Trawangan? If you have not, then you are lucky today because this article will introduce this paradise to you. If we change the question into, “Have you ever heard of Bali island?”. Then, most of you might be nodding along right now. In fact, Gili island is as beautiful as Bali island. If you love Bali island, then you must love gili island, primarily the gili island trawangan island itself. Another good thing that you should be grateful about this island is that there it is not as popular as Bali island. This fact makes this island a perfect place for those of you who want to have a quiet and calm vacation is one of the most beautiful islands on earth. Just like any other beautiful islands that you might have ever known, this island has everything that you can ask for from an island. It has the breathtaking beaches, great scuba and diving spot, and many more. So, are interested at all to plan your holiday vacation in this island. Well, you should be! In order to help you out to know more about this beautiful island, here is the more detailed explanation about the island. Hopefully, you can find this information helpful and useful for your plan.

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Typhoon Melor Philippines After

Typhoon Melor hit Philippines on 15th December 2015. This picture taken in Mindoro Island Philippines just after the typhoon hit this island. They call this typhoon NONA in local language. The same typhoon as 2009 typhoon .  From the place we took the picture so far no casualty reported. Some houses has got massive damage during the typhoon. As you can see from the picture mostly Coconut trees and banana trees on this area.

Nona (Melor) made its first landfall in the Philippines Monday morning after undergoing a last-minute spurt of intensification over the open waters of the Pacific Ocean just east of the country’s Visayas island chain. After weakening briefly and making three additional landfalls, it then underwent another spurt of rapid intensification Tuesday morning before its eye scraped ashore for a fifth time in northern Oriental Mindoro.
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Gili Island, the Hidden Stars of Lombok Island

Gili Island is one of the most visited holiday spot in Lombok Island. The word “gili” is came from Sanskrit means little island. That’s why Gili islands is the small islands that surrounding the main island, Lombok. They are the hidden stars of the Lombok tourist attractions. Find the top 10 Gili Islands you must visit in Lombok here.

Top Three Gili Islands

The top three Gili islands in Lombok is Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. The three Gilis are located in the North Lombok regency in the north coastal of Lombok Island. Since they are located in a row, you can visit them at once. Drive about 1.5 to 2 hours from Mataram city and go to Bangsal port.

There is a ticketing locket to buy ticket for sailing across to the Gilis with boats. You can choose normal boat with affordable price or fast boat with higher cost. There are different boat and time for every Gili. Especially Gili Air, the departure schedule is very different and rare, and also the number of boat is fewer. The most crowded boat is the boat to Gili Trawangan, because it’s the most popular Gili in Lombok.

Only need about 15 minutes sailing across the sea, you will reach Gili Trawangan. This Gili is the farthest, the largest and most visited islands than the other Gilis. There are so much visitor, both domestic and foreigner. There are lots of café, villa and homestay for you to stay. Beside the facilities, the nature view isn’t less attractive.

Gili Air is the nearest and most inhabitants islands than, but there is less visitor than Gili Trawangan. You don’t worry while having nice visit in this island, because there are lots of facilities to fill your holiday time. Gili Air is the best place for snorkeling and diving.

Gili Meno is located in the middle of three Gili islands. It is the smallest and less inhabitants than the others. So, the island is very quiet so you’ll feel have a holiday in your private island. It’s less visited by the tourists so the beach is still very clean. The sand is very white, the blue sea water is very clear, and there are lots of mangroves.

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