Benefits of using a Disney Travel Agent

Article by Jessa

If you are anything like me you have been to the Disneyland Resort or the Walt Disney World Resort multiple times and have always called hotels and even Disney themselves to book your upcoming vacation. I did this for years thinking it was the easiest way; call up get your vacation booked, get your confirmation number and sit back and relax. Except I wasn’t relaxing. I had to keep track of when to schedule my dining reservations, I was trying to keep track of any new deals that could save me an extra buck. And, all the while I worried that I forgot something. One time I did, and there is nothing worse than showing up for a Dinner Reservation you don’t have. It was the trip after that that I discovered the good folks over at Wishing Well Travel. At first I was skeptical about using a travel agent. It seemed that I would be charged more for my vacation just to use them, or that the same thing would happen as before and something would be forgotten. Boy was I wrong! Not only are Wishing Well Travel’s services completely free, but I still received all the extras you would get through Disney like lanyards, pins, and character calls. Disney Travel Agents are paid through Disney and making your cost exactly what you would pay through Disney and less than many other booking agents. But even with that you still receive all the extras you would get through Disney like lanyards, pins, and character calls. In fact, everything went better than any other vacation I had planned for myself in the past. Our agent at Wishing Well Travel, Rebecca, is extremely good at her job. Wishing Well Travel is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, meaning that each agent has to have extensive training through Disney to make them a Disney Travel Agency. This training shows through; Rebecca knew some places at the Walt Disney World Resort I had never even heard of before and even helped us to plan an itinerary that helped us to make the most of our vacation. Since our one vacation planning experience with Wishing Well Travel, I have used Rebecca for all of my vacations and learned exactly why using a Disney Travel Agent can make or break your vacation. With many Disney Vacation Packages you will book your vacation and then months later Disney will come out with a new deal that could save you hundreds of dollars. Your travel agent will keep a constant look at what deals come out and instantly apply those discounts to your vacation. I learned this only a month after booking my first vacation with Wishing Well Travel when  Rebecca called to tell me that a new special had saved me 700.00 on my vacation. I don’t know who was more excited, her or me. Travel agents can also help you to make sense of the confusing bits, like which hotel is better for kids, where the best romantic restaurant is on property or how to navigate the massive property at the Walt Disney World Resort. I didn’t have to watch my calendar for when to make my dining reservations either, Rebecca did that for me. I also received a ‘Welcome to Disney World’ postcard as my trip got closer and when we checked into our resort, Rebecca had even gone out of her way to have a birthday cake for my daughter waiting. Now, is the itinerary planning, guaranteed price, specialized advice, dining reservation service and all the other little extras worth it? Yes! However, if you’re one of those people who want instant gratification and need to have complete control over everything, then using a travel agent may not be for you.  While getting our reservation wasn’t as instant as I would have liked, it did only take Rebecca one day to put it all together and accept our payment. Which was well worth the wait as practically everything from that point on was handled for me. So, if you are planning a Vacation to Disneyland or the Walt Disney World resort I would highly recommend going to Rebecca at Wishing Well Travel. She went above and beyond my expectations! You can contact her at tell her Jessa sent you, maybe she will give you something extra too! Have a great vacation!

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Jessa W. Is a Dancer, a Mother and a Disney fanatic.

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