St Petersburg, Florida (1962)

Here is a portion of an old 8mm movie I made back in the early 1960s. Back in those days, my family would travel South to Florida every Summer for a vacation. My Kodak movie camera was still new to me, but I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to shoot something new. We mostly traveled to St. Petersburg, which is on the West coast of Florida. My Dad loved the area and there were a lot of interesting places to film. You’ll see a lot of the old sites including The St Petersburg Pier and downtown St Pete along Pasadena and Central Avenues. Also shown is Webbs CityWorld’s Most Unusual Drug Store. Some of the residential areas are shown that bordered Pasadena. St Petersburg By Night includes many of the same areas as seen by the neon lights. Also included is a rare shot of McDonalds advertising their 15c hamburgers! Finally are a few scenes of Treasure Island (by night) along Gulf Blvd. The city has grown and expanded over the years but here’s a look back to the way it was over 46 years ago. Filmed: August 1961-1962

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